The club opened its doors to the public in JANUARY 1968

but was officially opened in 1969.  The club  has a Committee which are elected by the club members who oversee the rules and regulations of the club.

To join the Community Centre please see the section above under "Memberships".

The Club is situated along Cressex Road just in front of the Cressex Secondary School.  The club has a car park located to the rear of the building that has enough space to accommodate 30 ve hicles.  There is a large garden at the front of the club which has outdoor seating.

We also have a variety of different club leagues such as football, pool, darts and crib. That being said inside the club we have snooker and pool tables, dart boards and televisions for coverage of most major sporting events. so for a relaxing night out with family and friends

come along and join one of the best clubs in bucks
also some of the best live music around.